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we dont have time app
The following video was posted from London, during the Extinction Rebellion protest. The video makes some very concerning claims that it an app to rate users/people based on their environmental worthiness as an individual. A sort of social credit rating system that encourages users to judge, rate and ultimately spy on individuals.

The video is vague and lacking in any real detail of companies involvement. But claims it a NGO and private conglomerates of over 400 companies. We have insiders on the ground with close access the Extinction Rebellion organisers. According to our insider the claims of a cult like organisation, that seeks to manipulate both protestors and public into an environmental panic into the end of the world type scenario, within 12 years. All the hallmarks of a Psyop.

They prey on a well meaning but naive base of younger protestors and empower them into radical action, like mass arrest movements. As happening in London as i write this.  Our insider has been doing an analysis of this movement for many years and observes it as a eco fascist movement.

This technology is the perfect tool for such a treat and we are going to look into the claims in made in the video in more detail.

Links to follow






(04-20-2019, 03:38 AM)hairy Wrote:

This is a good video.  I've known about the pool of money sitting in pension funds around the world, and it's a target for attack.  But I've not seen it linked to the climate change folks yet as an opportunity to attack by them.  Interesting angle, they'll be competing with Wall St. and the bankers for that pool of money, it is a big one.

The interviewer/presenter in this video is really good, I've not seen him before.  I'll keep an eye out for him.

Sidenote: The No Agenda podcast (by John Dvorak & Adam Curry) are calling alarm to the same BS urgency that we're all gonna die in 12 years if we don't do something.

Here's a link to their archived shows, it's a current events show, done twice a week live.  They deconstruct MSM clips, politics, & current events with an eye towards revealing the motivations behind the shenanigans.

Been seeing Greta Thunberg pop up a lot in the past few months.  She's a great puppet for them. John & Adam are noting that the idea of using children to spread a messages of alarm is a popular trend amoungst Climate Change oriented NGOs & the Justice Democrats.  Greta is not alone in that regard.

The idea of using children as messengers of doom is the new tactic we're going to see a lot more of.

Great insight, This is huge. Will check out the links. I downloaded the app aslo, will check it out in detail and post again.

This seems a subjct of great significance.



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